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Experience discreet power

Introducing Charge&Go IX


Solutions for Effortless Conversations

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, you can experience the power of seamless communication and never miss a beat, no matter how lively the conversation gets.



Powered for all-day conversations

A dependable rechargeable battery ensures you never miss a single word. Plus, our wireless charging case makes it easy to charge on the go. Don't let a dead battery hold you back – choose our product for uninterrupted listening


Boost communication in real-time

Optimization in real-time

Boost your mental well-being by increasing your social interaction. OVP 2.0 not only perfects your voice, but also amplifies your ability to engage in meaningful conversations. Don't let poor audio quality hold you back from thriving socially.

Our advanced devices are fully equipped to support the upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which can be easily enabled via a firmware update performed by your Hearing Care Professional.


Transform every conversation into a meaningful interaction with our user-friendly mobile app, tailored to your unique hearing needs.

Futureproof connectivity


Experience the benefits of enhanced hearing right away with our specialized programming. Simply put on your device immediately after programming with your specialist and enjoy the improved hearing experience.

Try The Integrated Xperience for yourself.

Try The Integrated Xperience for yourself.


Unleash the power ofcoversation

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