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Hearing Aid Fitting 

What To Expect 

A hearing aid fitting is a personalized session where the Hearing Specialist adjusts and fine-tunes the hearing device to meet an individual's specific hearing needs. During the fitting, the specialist ensures the proper fit and comfort of the hearing aids, customizes settings based on the individual's hearing test results, and provides guidance on using and maintaining the hearing aid. This process ensures that the device optimally addresses the individual's unique hearing challenges, enhancing their overall auditory experience.

Hearing Aid Fitting


Service Name

Lifestyle Assessment

A tailored recommendation based on your lifestyle ensures that you not only hear well but thrive in various settings. It's not just about hearing; it's about enhancing the quality of every moment. By taking into account your unique preferences, the recommended hearing aid becomes an indispensable companion, seamlessly fitting into the rhythm of your life.


Service Name

When fitting hearing aids for the first time, a specialist will adjust the devices to a general setting based on audiometric data. This allows users to experience improved hearing immediately. Afterwards, the specialist will fine-tune the settings to individual preferences and ensure optimal comfort and performance. The user will also have the opportunity to test the hearing aids in different real-life environments to experience the difference they can make.

First Fit


Service Name

The hearing specialist will present a range of options tailored to the users lifestyle, degree of hearing loss, and budget. This personalized consultation ensures that the chosen hearing solution not only addresses specific hearing needs but also aligns seamlessly with the patient's preferences and financial considerations. It's a collaborative process, empowering the individual to make an informed decision for an optimal hearing experience.


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