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Additional Services

Remote Adjustments

Service Name

remote hearing care

Remote adjustments offer several benefits, particularly in situations where in-person visits may be challenging or impractical. Patients can experience improved comfort and convenience as their hearing aids can be adjusted in real-time, adapting to changes in their hearing environment or preferences without requiring a physical appointment.

Caption Call 

Service Name

caption call

CaptionCall provides a specialized phone with a built-in screen that displays real-time captions of the conversation. Users can listen to the caller's voice and simultaneously read the captions, providing an additional layer of comprehension for those with hearing difficulties.

Custom Earmolds

Service Name

earmolds for hearing aids

Hearing care professionals use ear impressions to create custom-fitted earpieces for various purposes, including hearing aids, in-ear monitors, and earplugs. The process involves placing a soft material into the ear, allowing it to harden, and then carefully removing it to capture the unique shape and contours of the ear

Tinnitus Management

Service Name


Many individuals with tinnitus also experience hearing loss, and hearing aids can help by amplifying external sounds, improving overall hearing, and reducing the relative loudness of the internal tinnitus sounds. Additionally, some hearing aids come equipped with built-in features specifically designed for tinnitus management.

Hearing Aid Repair

Service Name

repairing hearing aids

On-the-spot hearing aid repairs, such as cleaning the device, replacing damaged parts, or addressing connectivity issues. In cases where more extensive repairs are needed, We may coordinate with the device's manufacturer or a specialized repair service.

Hearing Loss Guidance

Service Name

hearing aid guidance best service

We are committed to providing comprehensive guidance to patients on the use of their hearing aids and managing hearing loss. Our experienced professionals will conduct thorough consultations to understand each individual's specific needs and lifestyle, offering personalized recommendations

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